Our Principles

The smooth investment journey principle is in many ways just as important as keeping costs low and incorporating high levels of diversification.

Our investment philosophy is founded on four principles:

We employ an investment approach within our portfolios that seeks to balance risk and reward to sufficiently grow capital over the medium to long-term. This is achieved through our diversified multi-asset approach that is liquid and actively managed.

We pay for independent research from MRB and ECR, which is integral to contributing to asset allocation and identifying trends within markets. These researchers produce timely macro-economic analysis and asset allocation recommendations that are discussed at our Investment Management Committee meetings on a monthly basis.

We strive to fulfil the needs of modern investors with diverse backgrounds and interests. To encompass this, our product range includes Sustainable Portfolio as well as Sharia-Compliant portfolios.

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Investment Solutions

We offer a range of investment products, each of which can be tailored to meet individual clients' needs in terms of risk rating, required rate of return over a chosen time period, and preference for capital growth, regular income, or a mix of the two.

Our Solutions